Day of service

It has been hard to find time to post because we are moving from early morning until late at night so, The pictures here will reflect yesterday and today. 

Yesterday one of the highlights was working on the Habitat house. We ate a late lunch at a local restaurant called “Colors”. They employ disadvantaged people in the Detroit community and teach them culinary and restaurant management skills. Our meal was delicious and we enjoyed getting to know the waiter. 

We arrived back at the hotel a little before midnight Thursday night and then were back on the shuttle buses at 7am today. We headed to an impoverished community in Detroit. Many of the homes and businesses were boarded up and it was obvious that these people had been though a lot. We served in at the Matrix Community Center which is housed in a former Lutheran church building. We learned of their community development programs and also painted their fellowship hall and a bathroom. We felt as if we made a difference today.

In the way to the mass gathering tonight we are an early dinner at American Coney Island restaurant- a Detroit landmark. 

We’re looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow! 



We can see Canada!

Large group at Ford Field last night had great speakers, music, dancing….This is where the total group comes together (all 30,000). Bishop Eaton, presiding bishop of ELCA, greeted us and welcomed us to Detroit. When we left Ford Field we headed back to the shuttle buses and rode back to the hotel, arriving back around 11pm. Our hotel is about 30 minutes from downtown. We had a “final 15” devotions, prayers, planning for the next day and then off to bed. “Lights out”was at midnight. 

We grabbed breakfast on the run today and then boarded the bus to head back downtown at 7am. We started the day with Hip Hop Worship –Agape and Rachel Kurtz led music and it was great!!  

More posts to come…. 

shuttle to downtown
notice the sign to Canada
Ford Field
Canada is across the river behind us
morning hip hop worship

Covenants, packing, prayers and tie dye

We met for the final time before our trip on Sunday to work on logistics one more time. For some of the first time flyers, packing for carry-on can be scary!  Did you know you can’t take your large shampoo or full size contact solution on the plane?  We will be there 5 whole days!!  This trip will be a learning experience in lots of ways. The parents joined us this time as we made goals for learning and experiences. We will wear matching t-shirts on the three main days of the gathering so we passed those out reminding everyone to be sure to pack them. We ended the meeting with prayers for our group and the world and then those who hadn’t already made a SALC tie dye shirt, did so. We are just a couple of weeks away now!!